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Many bank accounts with monthly fees were not sold correctly. You could claim back the fees you paid plus 8% interest.

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Your claim will be executed on a 'no win no fee' basis, So you only pay fees if your claim is successful.

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We are now fully operational, with staff all working safely. There are still some delays from external businesses who are involved.

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Which magazine says that Packaged Bank Accounts are among the top 10 most useless financial products!

And yet amazingly 1 in 5 people in the UK have such an account.  Given sexy names like ‘Platinum, Gold, Ultimate Rewards’, around 14 Million of us at some point or another opened one.  

Some unfortunate people didn’t even appreciate that they were given this type of account, or were upgraded from free accounts over time.

Maybe you have or had one?  You may have a valid claim for £1000’s.

TMS Legal has the experience to help you claim.  Learn more about these ‘packaged bank accounts‘ here.