Our Mission, and our Ethical Business Plan

At TMS Legal It has been our intention from day one to provide a different service – a better service: one based on sound and ethical principles. A few well-known names dominate the market in finance and banking claims. Their methods vary but many let themselves and their customers down . We have taken the best elements of that industry and taken it to a new dimension, giving you all the capacity of a legal practice to take your claim to the banks and lenders.  We hope you will recognise that we are different, better and with an underlying ethos that puts you our client first.

 Working to optimise your claim, we have a team of dedicated and erxperienced claims handling staff, several who previously worked on the other side of the fence – for the banks in their claims handling departments.  We know what is required, and we know just what to expect from those who may owe you money. for us the word OPTIMISE is important.  This is why we take the time to review the claim with you properly.  We aim not simply to recover some of what you are owed, but ALL that can possibly be claimed.

Honest, clear communication – your true no-win-no-fee legal representative 

 The claims industry has received a great deal of bad press, and unfortunately some of the criticism has been deserved.  As a legal practice, we are different.  We do not pressure sell our services, nor do we send spam emails, text random telephone numbers, or employ overseas call centres. Our clients choose us for the right financial reasons, and also for their own peace of mind.

 Throughout the company we understand it is essential that we form a relationship with our clients based on mutual trust.

 It was one of our founding principles that we should make our whole process as simple as possible for our clients, and make it affordable for all by offering a true ‘no-win-no-fee’ service. We do all the work for you, so it should be stress-free. We have no hidden charges, and no hidden extras.