Can’t find your records?  Don’t worry!

We have discovered that many clients have not claimed simply because they do not have the original paperwork to hand. The good news is that original paperwork is not a requirement when making a mis-selling claim. Your own recall of events, and particularly your recall of the lack of essential events, can be sufficient by itself. Financial companies are required to keep records relating to customers’ transactions for at least 6 years and commonly most have records reaching much further.

Often with Packaged Bank Accounts our clients do not realise that they have been up-graded to this fee-paying account with its added insurance policies. It is therefore no great surprise that they cannot put their hands on related paperwork, because the change was done completely without their knowledge. Your bank statements should itemise the monthly cost you are paying for this packaged account, but do not expect the name ‘Packaged Bank Account’ to appear as they are given many different titles.

If you are unclear as to whether you have, or have had a Packaged Bank Account, TMS Legal can help you establish this information. If necessary we can submit a ‘Subject Access Request’ to your bank that will list all the financial details of products held over the years. The truth can come as a real surprise to many clients.


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